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About Us

Angela Liz Bruce cropped 400Our Mission

Jubilee Association of Maryland provides opportunities and support for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to live in and enrich their community while fulfilling their personal, family, social and spiritual needs.

The following core values inform the way Jubilee promotes itself, makes decisions, deals with people, and supports people’s needs:

  • Respect and Human Dignity – All those associated with Jubilee recognize the basic humanity of all people and treat them equally and with the utmost respect, regardless of their level of disability or role in relationship to the agency.
  • Self-Determination – Jubilee subscribes to the philosophical concept of “self-determination”: that is, we believe all people have the right to control their lives and resources as much as possible.
  • Community, Mutuality, & Service – Staff and board work together to promote an ideal of service and open communication so Jubilee can create a sense of community both within and outside the agency to enhance the lives of those we support.
  • Justice – Jubilee advocates for  justice on behalf of the people we serve and is committed to serving and employing people of diverse cultures, races, religions, and economic circumstances.
  • Ethical Practices – Jubilee operates with integrity, insists on quality and clear financial oversight, and bases its actions on open discussion.
  • Spiritual Care – Jubilee actively supports the spiritual needs of the people we serve and the people we employ.

—Adopted by the Board of Directors on 2/11/13

Our History

Jubilee Association of Maryland was established as an outreach of Hyattsville Mennonite Church in 1978. Beginning with one group home serving seven adults, Jubilee has gradually grown to now serve 135 adults with developmental disabilities. Jubilee provides services to 41 people in 12 houses owned by the agency. Jubilee supports 94 adults who live more independently in the community and are funded by Community Supported Living Arrangements, Maryland Individual Support Services, and Montgomery County Individual Support Services-County or County Crisis funding.  Tim Wiens has served as Executive Director since 1979. Jubilee was started by and continues to be affiliated with Hyattsville Mennonite Church. For more information on Jubilee’s faith connection, see our page on Mennonite Affiliation.

For a link to an extensive history of Jubilee published in honor of our 25th anniversary, click here.

Jubilee is a founding member of the Maryland Association of Community Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities, Inc. (MACS). MACS is a nonprofit, professional association of over 100 agencies dedicated to strengthening community programs to better support people with developmental disabilities and their families throughout Maryland. Click here for more information on MACS.