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Jubilee Association of Maryland provides the highest quality community-based residential services and supports for adults who have developmental disabilities. About fifty individuals are served in fifteen group homes/Alternative Living Arrangements (ALUs) in our local community. Live-in counselors and Community Living Assistants staff each home; levels of staffing are based on the needs of the individual. The people we serve are taught skills that enable them to make choices for themselves and increase their level of independence.

We provide training and support services to individuals who live in non-group home settings. The approximately eighty-five adults served in our Community Supported Living Arrangement (CSLA) program live with family or friends, or in their own apartment or home.

Jubilee serves more than thirty individuals with high-functioning autism or related disabilities in a variety of classes. Each of these classes has the capacity to serve 8-10 participants. Many of our classes are overseen by our Clinical Consultant, Dr. Steve Kane, or another qualified partner clinician. All of our classes working on social skills and cognitive development are taught by trained clinicians that specialize in developmental disabilities.

Jubilee enjoys a strong reputation among peers and families. The strength of the staff, and their experience and tenure with the agency, result in greater stability and security of relationships between staff and individuals served. With a lower rate of staff turnover, the individuals we serve can concentrate on their own growth and development. A sense of a close and caring community is fostered within Jubilee.


Therap logoJubilee Association of Maryland uses Therap to make notes and keep track of client progress. Therap is specifically designed to manage data and reporting related to clients who have developmental disabilities.