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April is Autism Awareness Month

Meet Katie O’Connell: Disability Advocate and Client Council Vice President I’m 28 years old, and I just joined Jubilee this past Fall. Right away I thought that I want to make friends here, and I want to help people speak up for themselves just like I do. I’m really involved with advocacy. I go to Annapolis often to talk about… Read More »

A Birthday Wish Comes True

As told by Linda Hanna I’m moving to my first ever home of my own on my birthday this year. I’ll be 66, and I’m going to blow out the candles on my birthday cake seated at my very own dining table. I’ve always wanted a place that’s just mine, but I’ve never had one before. Jubilee’s been helping me… Read More »

Feeling Safe at Home: Kristen’s Story

As shared by Amanda Gibson, Jubilee Housing Support Services Specialist Kristen Ulek really enjoys the amenities that come with living in a high-rise apartment building, but she had become anxious about living on a high floor after a fire in her apartment building. You see, Kristen uses a wheelchair. Elevators don’t run in an emergency like fire. She wanted to… Read More »

Dreaming of an Independent Future for Jason

By Cindy Burroughs, Jason’s mom. You will dream new dreams.  Those were the first words to resonate with me after my son Jason was diagnosed with autism at 15 months old. It would be close to 22 years after Jason was born before I could really start seeing my new dreams for Jason come true.  That was when Jubilee made… Read More »

Language Barrier Nearly Derails Access to Services

Kevin’s story as told by his mother Nery Gonzalez My son Kevin can’t speak at all, and my English is limited. I don’t understand everything in English, and I definitely did not understand that my Kevin would lose government funding for services if we missed the timeframe for young adults finishing high school to transition to adult services. We were… Read More »

Christmas Card Project Spreads Holiday Cheer

Peeking out between the bulk mailers and the bills, you see a handwritten card in the mail, and instantly you feel excited. Who wrote to me? Who is thinking of me? This holiday season, Tico Sanz, Kobi Cudjoe, and Todd Locke brought joy to their friends, neighbors, and families by sending out 100 holiday cards. “It felt great to give… Read More »