Community College Program Gains Five Jubilee Students

Enrollment Effort Led by Jubilee

Kudos to the five Jubilee community members currently taking classes through the Challenge Program at Montgomery County Community College. Cross-department teamwork at Jubilee led to this new opportunity for Bijaya Mishra, Melissa Cory, Tico Sanz, Kobi Cudjoe, and Debbie Lim.

Jubilee’s Community Engagement team led the way, with a deep dive into the life goals of people we support to see how they aligned with Challenge Program course offerings. “I learned that Bijaya is really interested in improving her math skills, and both Melissa and Debbie are dedicated artists,” shared Britni Rose. “Working closely with our person-centered planning team to identify life goals and with our direct support professionals to put the plan into action was a labor of love.”

“The best part of the class is seeing Kobi and Tico be independent,” said Jubilee direct support professional Chinwe (ChiChi) Ukoh, who assists both men. “They’ve made connections with other students in the class.” Dancing to Michael Jackson music is a highlight of their community college exercise class, according to both men. “I love dancing and making new friends in the class,” said Kobi.

Jubilee takes a comprehensive view of engagement. We create programs that build friendships and broaden horizons, and we also seek external opportunities that help deepen connections with the broader community. Jubilee’s community engagement work is fully dependent on funds from our generous donors.