COVID Vaccinations Ongoing at Jubilee

Neither snow nor ice got in the way of our first two vaccination clinics! We are so grateful to the many helping hands that made the Jubilee vaccination clinics a success for the people we support. We vaccinated 150 members of our community at the second clinic. More than 90 percent of the people we support have received at least one dose of the vaccine! Our third and final clinic is on Monday, March 15. All clinics held at the Kensington Town Hall and vaccines are by appointment only. A big thank you goes out to Kensington Mayor Tracey Furman and the town for use of the town hall for our clinics.

Here’s what one family had to say after seeing our clinic in action last week!

It touched me deeply to see such wonderful and caring service in action as you ushered [my adult children] through the busy and potentially chaotic activities of getting vaccinated. I very much appreciate the accommodations you arranged for [my daughter] to have her shot in the car this time, taking into consideration her deep anxiety at the first vaccine event.

It brought a smile to my face also, to see Steve with that umbrella and clipboard in the freezing rain, checking families in at the parking lot, and other Jubilee staff that I know, greeting us inside and informing me about how [my daughter] did earlier in the day and the hand-holding that I experienced, sending us to various stations made me feel so good. It is those warm and caring gestures that I am seeing in action that make me realize that my adult children will be well cared for and cared about when I am no longer around.

A reminder that we all must continue to wear masks, social distance, and follow our safety protocols to keep everyone safe. There have been 50 cases of COVID at Jubilee (18 people we support and 32 staff)  and thankfully all have recovered. We must use every tool in our toolbox, including the vaccine, to stay safe from the virus.

Questions about the vaccine? New resources in the public health section of our COVID webpage, and you can submit questions to More than 60 percent of Jubilee staff are now vaccinated.

For members of our extended community who have not yet been vaccinated and need assistance, the Maryland Department of Health has opened the COVID-19 Vaccination Support Call Center. The Center is a telephone-based support line and appointment system that is designed to assist those without internet access or who can’t use the web-based systems, including people with disabilities. Visit for more information on Maryland’s response to COVID-19. Vaccine and other coronavirus data are available at