Champions of Inclusion

Jubilee’s Champions of Inclusion Society

Jubilee’s Champions of Inclusion Society honors our champions who pledge to donate at least $1,000 a year to Jubilee for five years. As we work to best support the needs and goals of adults with disabilities, multi-year donations help us plan for an inclusive and vibrant future.

To learn more about Jubilee’s Champions of Inclusion Society please contact Jubilee’s Director of Development Bethany Keener at

Launched in April of 2021, our Champions of Inclusion Society received an enthusiastic embrace from our community.

With grateful hearts, we’re honored to recognize the members of Jubilee’s Champions of Inclusion Society.

Full list of members below. Thank you Champions!

Champions of Inclusion Society Members


  • M. Therese Gyi
  • Rebecca Gyi and Kyle Hovis

Community Builder

  • Elizabeth and William McElfish
  • Bob, Bebe and Matthew McMeekin


  • Siobhan and Charles Abell
  • Kathryn L Anderson 
  • Benjamin L. Apt and Alexandra M. Lord
  • Trish Bailey
  • Sharon L. Bradley
  • Myra and Robert Brent
  • Lawrence P. Buchanan
  • Margaret C. Campbell
  • David Deal and Janessa Cobb
  • Bill and Pat Coffin
  • Jane T. Dana and David Aufhauser
  • Helen Donovan
  • Jim and Barbara Dryden
  • Maria and David Dudish
  • Neil R. Ellis and Bonnie Baugh
  • Everence® Financial
  • Richard and Joan Fidler
  • Joseph B. Fitzgerald
  • Geoff and Michelle Flaherty
  • Eileen Foster
  • Carol Fried
  • Nancy and Glen Gehman
  • Linda Gerson and Meyer Glantz
  • Thom and Shelley Hess
  • Michael J. and Tammie B. Howard
  • Hyattsville Mennonite Church
  • Kay Cee LTC Pharmacy
  • Jean Keener
  • Robert and Rhoda Keener
  • Steve and Bethany Keener
  • Lori and Robert Krolikowski
  • Cynthia Lapp and Eric Stoltzfus
  • Jay P. Levin
  • Judith Mahachek
  • Daniel Mahler
  • Andrew Mitz
  • Philip and Karen Morrison
  • The John, Julee, Tyler and Honorine Munson Charitable Fund
  • Drs. Edward and Mary D. Ott
  • Carolyn A. Post
  • Liz and Tom Purcell
  • Jim and Diane Richardson
  • Joseph Richardson and Carolyn Hoch
  • Jim Rowe and Lisa Adams
  • Curtis and Donna Ruppert
  • Sara and Paul Russell
  • Gert Ryan and Family
  • Ricki and Peter Sabia
  • Krista and Jason Sigler
  • Janice Starr
  • Jeanette Stoltzfus
  • Raquel Trinidad and Rolando Santiago
  • Christopher Ullman
  • Craig and Kathy Ulman
  • Penelope Veerhoff
  • Detta Voesar
  • Tim Wiens and Mary Jo Schumacher
  • Judy-ann Zoghby