Housing Opportunities

Jubilee helps the people we support find homes they want to live in. We help people get housing vouchers and partner with inclusion-minded developers and landlords. Our support services are separate from people’s decisions about where they want to live. Nobody has to fear losing their support services based on where they live.

Currently, 62 percent of the people we support live in a home they own or lease themselves. And 30 percent live in group homes owned or leased by Jubilee. Eight percent live in a family home. We are partners and advocates for inclusive housing. When people can choose where they want to live they have greater independence.

“After my old landlord illegally refused to accept my housing voucher, Jubilee helped me secure a lease in my own name in a beautiful new home with a view of the woods. They helped me advocate for myself and supported me throughout the stressful process of finding a new place to live. I even went to Annapolis with Jubilee to tell my story and help improve use of housing vouchers statewide.”

Erika Ketler
Javi in front of their apartment

Jubilee Housing Parternships

Thanks to our groundbreaking partnership model, people supported by Jubilee:

Sullivan House Dedication