Why Jubilee?

Residential Support Services

We take great pride in our core service of high-quality residential support services, and in the community we’ve built. Strong relationships among people we support, their families, our staff and volunteers are a hallmark of Jubilee. The people we support call us their family, and we feel the same way about them.

Our highly trained and compassionate staff work closely with the people we support to help them lead fulfilling lives. Jubilee direct support professionals receive training above and beyond state requirements. Our full-time nursing staff and a team of program managers support them in their work.

“Jubilee has been my family for years. They help me with a lot of stuff like finances and transportation.”
– David McCormack

Client Council Annual Beach Trip - 2019
Bruce in front of his apartment

Housing Opportunities

Jubilee’s commitment to helping the people we support have control over their own lives means that we support them where they want to live. This includes apartments and houses they lease or own, Jubilee licensed group homes, and family homes. Our partnerships help create affordable housing opportunities and connect people with their communities. Jubilee also helps people apply for housing vouchers that allow them to choose their own apartments in Montgomery County.

“I love my apartment. I’ve been living here for a year now with my Jubilee counselor, he’s like a brother to me. The people that live and work in the building are very nice. The building has a gym and swimming pool. I like to go to the club room and just look around at the beautiful space and think about planning a birthday party here!”
– Bruce Wallace

Creating Community

Battling loneliness and isolation by building relationships is a central to Jubilee’s mission. Through programs, events and volunteer connections we create community. Before the pandemic, our building in Kensington was a social hub of activity. Envision people stopping by to talk with friends, watch movies, and take classes. Currently, our programs are virtual. We’ve expanded our opportunities to connect daily virtually while we are physically apart.

“My favorite thing about Jubilee is the friends I make here.”
– Alex Rivas

Christmas Party

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