Jubilee 40th Anniversary Ruby Gala

President and CEO of DARCAR Automotive Group John Darvish receiving Jubilee’s first ever Caring Heart Award by Jubilee’s Executive Director Tim Wiens

Happy 40th Anniversary to Jubilee! Hundreds of Jubilee individuals, families, supporters and sponsors gathered for Jubilee’s 40th Ruby Anniversary Gala on May 5th at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center to celebrate Jubilee’s 40 years of service. Jubilee used this milestone to give recognition and thanks to President and CEO of DARCARS Automotive Group John Darvish. As a guest of Jubilee’s 2011 Annual Roast of Valerie Irving, John heard Jubilee individual Curtis Cooper’s moving life story. Curtis spoke about the hard times he faced moving from various foster homes and even get-ting his bike stolen, his most prized possession. Sitting in the audience, John felt a calling to help Curtis and the two have been best buddies for the last 7 years. At the gala Curtis beamed with joy as he spoke about how him and John attend sporting events, celebrate birthdays, and go on family outings. John even goes the extra mile and extends his kindness to all of Jubilee as he has rented out amusement parks for DARCARS and Jubilee employees to enjoy for the entire day, has donated cars to Jubilee, and is a generous sponsor. The evening concluded with John Darvish thanking Jubilee for their efforts and allowing him to be not only a sponsor but most importantly a friend to Jubilee! We are thankful for John
Darvish and the DARCARS family contributions!

John Darvish and Curtis Cooper