Jubilee Foundation Board Dinner

Jubilee Foundation Board

Front row, left to right: Chris Urban, Margie Billian, Susan Hoffmann, Melissa Siegel, and Steffi Benjamin; middle row, left to right: Maite Ballestero, Jeanette Stoltzfus, Carolyn Post, Detta Voesar, Neil Ellis, Ben Apt, Kathy Ulman, and Robert Zimmermann; back row, left to right: John Darvish, Joe Fitzgerald, Paul Sexton, Tim Wiens, and Steve Brent

Jubilee Foundation Board of Directors began the fiscal year with a dinner meeting at the home of Melissa Siegel. With close to 100% attendance, members were warmly welcomed with hummus chips, mustard garlic pretzel bites, blue corn chips and homemade salsa, and drinks.

By 7:15 p.m. Tim Wiens blessed the meal, and the group feasted on a light gourmet dinner of delicious plump crab cakes, roasted corn and red pepper salad, and a beautiful arugula and kale salad. Board members felt right at home as they chatted and enjoyed the meal. Board President Susan Hoffmann described the atmosphere as friendly as she introduced Benjamin Apt, the newest member. For more than four years, Ben has volunteered with Jubilee and is a friend to an individual who is served by Jubilee; a relationship that is significant to both. Tim introduced Jeannette Stoltzfus, a member of the Jubilee Association Board, who was invited to the dinner. She will serve as a bridge between the Foundation and the Association.

Team building exercises began as dinner wrapped up. Steffi Benjamin, Director of Development, led the two exercises. The first one involved answering questions and the group was divided into three teams with five minutes to answer 15 trivia questions on 2015 events. In the final two minutes, cell phones were allowed to aid them in the exercise. The second exercise, Two Truths and One Lie, filled the room with laughter. The group had fun while getting to know each other better. By the end of the process, everyone was energized as they stated their personal goals for the Jubilee Foundation in the upcoming year. The evening continued with coffee and desserts.

It was an absolutely fabulous evening where the entire group contributed meaningfully to the conversation, were fully present and attentive thus creating a positive vision for the Jubilee Foundation to move forward and achieve its goals.

Thank you Melissa for opening your home, setting the tone, and providing the food and drinks. You are a most gracious host!

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