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Eli Lewis

“We were always told, the best thing we could do for Eli is help him live on his own by 25,” confided mom Mary Ann. “So our family always had that as our goal, and it was what he wanted.” At the family home, there’s a poster with goals to achieve for independent living. “It’s a big transition. Getting services… Read More »

James and Margie Billian

James’ mom Margie shares how he found his “golden moment” with Jubilee I knew right away something wasn’t right. My beautiful new baby just didn’t behave like most babies do. And he never, ever slept through the night. But oh, we loved him so! School was hard for James. When he needed help, he got punished and labeled as a… Read More »

Candace Talley

Before joining Jubilee, Candace lived with her grandma. She really liked living with her, but grandma got sick and she couldn’t live with her anymore. Her aunt helped her connect with Jubilee, so that Candace could have more independence but still be supported in her day to day life. Candace is nuts about her roommate Pat because they both like… Read More »

The Pellegrino Family

Frank and Francesca always believed in a bright and inclusive future for their beloved son Alex. In the early years their vision for Alex focused on education and socialization. As he matured into a young man that vision grew to include housing and employment. They needed support to achieve Alex’s desire to have his own apartment now and into the… Read More »

Brandon Bell

“I’m a people person,” Brandon Bell admits happily with a bright smile on his face and laughter bubbling up right behind. “When I first met Brian, David and Jerry, I felt like we would connect and it would all work out.” Five years later, the four men are a tight unit, sharing meals together, talking late into the night, and… Read More »

David Mahler

“David is following his dream here. We’re just really grateful to Jubilee.” – Chess Campbell, Grandmother

Mary Amoji-Ogar

“When I started working at Jubilee’s St. Peter’s house, I felt love pouring out to me unconditionally from the women who lived there and the other staff. My time there as a residential counselor truly started me on my journey in this field,” says Mary about her early days at Jubilee. Over time, Mary rose from a part-time on-call staffer… Read More »

Stanley and Debbie Roth

Stanley found Jubilee’s request for virtual volunteers on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center website. He and his mom Debbie brainstormed the idea of a weekly virtual sign language class for Jubilee. They taught the alphabet, proper names and how to ask questions. “It’s been very rewarding,” says Stanley. “It’s great to see how eager everyone is to learn. It’s something… Read More »

The MaryKnights and Knights of Columbus, Fr. Rosensteel Council

The Maryknights, along with the local Knights of Columbus, Fr. Rosensteel Council are longstanding Jubilee friends and volunteers. They have strong relationships at St. John’s House and plant flowers, cut the grass and cook dinners. “St. John’s House is close to our hearts and our parish,” says Maryknights president Margie Cuff. The Maryknights helped support Jubilee during the pandemic with… Read More »