Jason Howlin

By Cindy Burroughs*

You will dream new dreams. Those were the first words to resonate with me after my son Jason was diagnosed with autism at 15 months old. It would be close to 22 years after Jason was born before I could really start seeing my new dreams for Jason come true. 

That was when Jubilee made that magical call. Jason was accepted to Jubilee. For the first time as an adult, Jason was going to have a dedicated team and start a self-directed program that my family and Jason had a say in.

Within the first week of being part of Jubilee, we were already feeling what it was like to have a village, a team, and an army on our side. That’s how meaningful Helen, Jason’s Jubilee direct support professional- is to Jason—and to us, too.

Today, Jason lives in his own apartment and goes to a day program. He has started learning job skills. Jason starts every week with Helen by his side. Jason aids in his own self-care. He shops for his groceries and does chores for the upkeep of his apartment. He spends free time out in the community. As a result of the care, compassion, and professionalism of his support staff Jason has begun to thrive. So have we.

*Excerpt from speech at Jubilee’s 2023 Champions of Inclusions program.