Joyce Sampson and Molly Corti

I’ve been a champion for people with developmental disabilities ever since my own son was born with a disability. Joining Jubilee as a direct support professional matched my passion.

I’m a big advocate for people doing exceptional things. Molly and I talked about her goals, and how I can help her achieve them. Molly shared that she wanted a volunteer job. First, we did some role play and then Molly worked on her conversation skills with shop owners in Kensington.
We struck gold at the Look Again Resale Shop. Molly asked if they had volunteer opportunities. Michel, the store manager, replied with “we’d love to have you, would you like to try for 15 minutes right now?” Molly started with writing down the prices of each item as Michel read them to her. She did so well Michel now gives her more challenging work.

Connecting Molly and Michel was a great feeling. I’m excited to see what Molly will achieve as we continue to work together.