Margaret Welch

As told by Jubilee’s Aviva Bensimon

I met Margaret when she was 35. “What’s your dream,” I asked Margaret. “Let me help take you there.” She said she wanted her own place. A key to her own mailbox. Privacy. Purpose. A job. A place to go. People to meet. We set out to make her dreams come true.

Together we looked at apartments. Margaret had rescued a dog from Puerto Rico. Not all apartments allow dogs. We got Sweetie certified as Margaret’s emotional support dog. Other Jubilee staff helped Margaret apply for and receive a housing voucher. We found the ideal apartment for Margaret near parks to walk Sweetie, a bus stop, and stores.

Margaret and I worked on her resume. Margaret loves people, kids, and pets. If you have a heartbeat, Margaret will love working with you. Margaret spent some time training at Sunflower Bakery. Her next dream is to get a job in a retail shop helping customers.

“I like all the people who work at Jubilee,” Margaret says. “They help me out with the supports I need to live independently. Like grocery shopping and budgeting. Now I know to look at the unit prices in the grocery store and use coupons to save money.”