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The New Family Partnership Handbook

How well Jubilee partners with families in providing services to their loved ones has everything to do with the quality of service that we deliver. Families put a great deal of trust in Jubilee and its employees when they sign up for Jubilee services. That trust needs to be earned, in the beginning, and over time. Families also need to learn to trust because if that trust is not earned or given, then tension will exist.

A key to having a good partnership is good communication. We invite you as family to read our new Family Handbook (click on the name to open). The handbook includes Jubilee’s expectations for families and the rules within which we operate that affect families. We hope that by being clear with families about our expectations that this will lead to good communication. Although the handbook is our communication to you, we expect that you will engage us about these issues, how this is working for you, what questions you have, and what changes we need to make.

Thank you for trusting us with providing services to your family member. We look forward to working with you to deliver the highest quality of services.

Tim Wiens
Executive Director

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of Maryland, Inc.

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