Growth at Jubilee Benefits Adults with Disabilities

New Roles for New Goals

By Steve Keener, Executive Director

You may have noticed some new faces around Jubilee.  What’s going on?  We’re adding more staff to better serve our community. Our hiring supports Jubilee’s new strategic plan to grow our work in the areas of helping the people we support achieve their life goals, housing support, and community engagement.

Growing our staff is an investment in the people Jubilee supports and in our team members. It enables each team member to commit the attention their work deserves. By the numbers, here’s how adding staff benefits the people we support.

  • Tripling the number of PCP professionals means each staff member can support the planning for less than 50 people instead of 143.
  • Adding 3 program managers means each program manager supports services for 12 people instead of 17.
  • Tripling the number of recruiters to help welcome more passionate direct support staff in a difficult labor market.

We’re thrilled to highlight some of the people filling new positions at Jubilee, and a full list is below. Please join me in congratulating these folks. Internal promotions support the career growth of staff who are dedicated to the people Jubilee supports. For the positions that are not yet filled, please, look at the careers webpage and let us know if you or a friend is a great fit.

Caroline Waya will be Jubilee’s first Deputy Director for Program Services and will also be on our Executive Team. Caroline has more than 16 years of experience from direct support to management in disability services.

Francess Issa-Katta is our first Housing Support Manager. She will manage our new Housing Support Services, a state-funded service to help people find and keep a home or apartment of their own. For the first time, Jubilee’s work in this area will extend to people who do not already receive Jubilee residential services.

Britni Rose will join our new Community Engagement department as the Circle of Friends manager. She will oversee our volunteer program and connect people with each other in meaningful and mutually transforming relationships.

Your support of Jubilee allows us to invest in a brighter future for all. Thank you!

People in new roles:

  • Housing Support Manager – Francess Issa-Katta
  • Person Centered Planning Manager – Dominique Clark
  • Program Managers – John Sesay, Kaila Grant, Patricia Green
  • Deputy Director of Program Services – Caroline Waya
  • Circle of Friends Manager – Britni Rose
  • Recruiters – Travon Budd, Stephanie Moya
  • Executive Assistant to Finance and HR – Johanna Andrew