Happily Ever After | A Valentine’s Story for You

Childhood Friendship Leads to Love

As shared by Liz Golder

John and I were sweethearts way back in 5th grade at Fairland elementary school. But decades went by and we met other people. We’ve both had life experiences.

When we reconnected, we started by talking on the phone. It was easy because we were old friends.

My girlfriend Courtney said to me, “it’s John, you have to go for it.” I’m so glad I did.

We like to go to the movies and just spend time with each other.

Two years ago, we got engaged. It was still Covid time, so we would meet up outdoors to talk. John came to my house, and he got down on one knee in my front yard and asked me to marry him.

This Fall, we had our commitment ceremony at my family’s church. It felt so good to be with our families and to wear my beautiful wedding gown. My brother Paul walked me down the aisle. We had a reception at a restaurant, and John’s dad gifted us a wedding cake with pink and purple icing. We danced and danced. It was a wonderful day.