Jubilee Advocacy at DDDAY 2023

DD Day at the Legislature was back in person this year – and Jubilee was there to advocate for the disability community. At the legislative breakfast we heard from Governor Wes Moore. He said, “We are going to lift together and build a state that leaves no one behind.” Particularly inspiring was Delegate Aaron Kaufman, a longtime advocate for people with disabilities now serving as Vice-Chair on the Commission on People with Disabilities.

In meeting with elected officials, the Jubilee team shared why it’s necessary to increase DDA’s budget by 20 percent as requested by the Governor. We also called on legislators to support House bills 60 and 1144 and Senate bill 315. These bills help fund affordable housing and improve access for people with limited English language skills.

Thank you to Delegates Julie Carr, Kevin M. Harris, Aaron Kaufman, Marc Korman, David Moon, Kirill Reznik, Emily Shetty, Jared Solomon, and Senators Senator William C. Smith, Jr. and Jeff Waldstreicher for meeting with Jubilee.

Want to get involved? You can contact your elected official to support these bills and join Jubilee’s Public Policy Committee by contacting Genevieve Montgomery.