Jubilee-Rosaria Partnership Grows

By Steve Keener, Executive Director

Daniel Lacy recently joined Jubilee, and he moved just in time to celebrate his first Christmas in his new home.  With a spacious floor plan and every detail considered for his accessibility needs, the house sparkles with welcome.

Daniel’s new home is the fifth property developed by our housing partner, Rosaria Communities. Jubilee is proud to provide services in each of Rosaria’s five homes, which provide independent living opportunities for adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. Our partnership provides another high-quality and affordable housing option for the people Jubilee supports.

Rosaria is affiliated with the Archdiocese of Washington, and each home connects with a neighboring Catholic parish as a source of friendships and community support. Rosaria’s focus on community and faith aligns with Jubilee’s goals and values. Daniel’s home will partner with the Church of the Resurrection in Burtonsville.

“We wanted to create housing opportunities that would allow people to live as independently as possible, among the support of the parish community,” says Tom Welch, Rosaria’s CEO. “It took us seven years to conceptualize and get the first home built, but it didn’t take us long to realize that Jubilee would be the perfect partner for us.”

We’re thrilled to welcome Daniel to our Jubilee community, along with his longtime direct support professional Carol Joyner. Daniel likes to read, do puzzles and swim. Most importantly, Daniel shared with us that he is excited to be surrounded by the loving people at Jubilee.

Rosaria is one of eight partners working with Jubilee to provide affordable housing opportunities for people with disabilities. Learn more by visiting the Housing Opportunities page on our website.