Key Findings from Jubilee’s Racial Equity and Belong Audit

By A’isha Henry, RJAG Chair and Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager

Jubilee’s Racial Justice Advisory Group (RJAG) will soon be wrapping up our second year of work supporting Jubilee in becoming a more equitable and just organization. We meet monthly to identify barriers in communication, discuss training and education, and to monitor the progress of last year’s goals. These goals are integrated into the ‘Do Justice’ portion of our Strategic Plan. 

I’m happy to share with you the recent completion of a major milestone in our work – a Racial Equity and Belonging Audit. This was conducted over three months and included an analysis of interviews and surveys of our staff by an independent company, MMG. Staff from all departments were represented in the audit. Key findings from the report include both strengths and areas where we can improve. They include:

  • Overall staff commitment to racial and social justice work
  • Incredibly committed teams who believe in the work Jubilee does in the world
  • A desire to see Jubilee succeed in its commitments to affecting lasting change
  • Varying perceptions about how Jubilee impacts the lives of marginalized people
  • Varying staff comfort levels in engaging in conversations about power and privilege at work
  • Select Jubilee staff reporting not having enough time to engage with Jubilee’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion commitments due to workloads

The RJAG continues to meet monthly, and we look forward to sharing our new goals this summer. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to being part of these important conversations.