Quick Action Saved Housing Client from Homelessness

Jubilee First Agency to Secure Housing Under Maryland’s New DDA Rent Subsidy Program

“When I first met Sharon, she was in crisis,” said Jubilee’s Housing Support Services specialist Amanda Gibson. “She lived with her uncle, and when he passed away the bills started to pile up. She faced eviction from the home she knew and had nowhere to go.”

A service coordinator at the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) reached out to Jubilee for help. She knew our Housing Support Services was just the ticket to get Sharon the help she desperately needed.

Amanda worked closely with DDA to cut through the red tape to quickly help Sharon. Now, Sharon is the first person in Maryland to benefit from DDA’s new rental subsidy. This subsidy caps rent and basic utilities payments to 30 percent of income.

Sharon is now happily settled in a new apartment, close to her job and support network. Jubilee’s Housing Support Services applied for all eligible benefits on Sharon’s behalf. Amanda assisted Sharon in touring apartments and negotiating her new lease.

“I really hate change, but I knew this was going to be the best move for me,” Sharon said. “Once I saw this apartment I knew it was for me, and I welcomed this new chapter in life. I am happy to have Judy from SEEC and Amanda from Jubilee to help me through this process.”

“Making sure Sharon always had a roof over her head required a lot of work, done right and done quickly,” said Amanda. “Jubilee’s work with Sharon continues as we help her stay on top of her bills and benefits so that she never again faces eviction.”

*Since helping Sharon, we’ve now assisted an additional five people secure the rental subsidy in the first half of 2024! In total, more than 170 people have benefited from Jubilee’s Housing Support Services since the program began in 2021. Learn how we can help your loved one with intellectual or developmental disabilities navigate housing.

*Article updated June 2024.