Why Jubilee?

Residential Support Services

Jubilee helps adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve greater independence and community inclusion by providing top-notch residential support. Strong relationships among people we support, their families, our staff, and volunteers are a hallmark of Jubilee. The people we support call us their family, and we feel the same way about them.

Our highly trained and compassionate direct support professional staff are the heart of our residential support services. They receive training above and beyond state requirements. Each of our program managers supports services for only 12 people, allowing them to fully engage in the care their team of staff provides. Our staff is also supported by a full-time team of nurses who provide medical oversight.

“Jubilee has been my family for years. They help me with a lot of stuff like finances and transportation.”
– David McCormack

Bruce in front of his apartment

Housing Support Services

Jubilee’s expanded Housing Support Services division helps adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities find and secure their own home where they hold the lease. Our DDA-certified housing support specialists navigate the complex housing process, including securing housing vouchers and identifying affordable and accessible housing. We also provide guidance for people new to living independently on issues related to owning or renting a home.

Our Housing Support Service is open to all adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. You do not need to receive residential support services from Jubilee to apply for the housing service.


“I love my apartment. I’ve been living here for a year now with my Jubilee counselor, he’s like a brother to me. The people that live and work in the building are very nice. The building has a gym and swimming pool. I like to go to the club room and just look around at the beautiful space and think about planning a birthday party here!”
– Bruce Wallace

Community Engagement

We create opportunities for friendships to blossom at Jubilee. Providing a sense of belonging for people of all abilities is central to our mission. Jubilee hosts programs nearly every week for the people we support. Virtual and in-person events mean we can reach every person we support with a program that will interest them. Our Community Engagement team curates highly anticipated experiences including outings in the city, cookouts, and beach trips. Weekly activities may include a book club, cooking and art classes, and wellness and exercise programs.

“My life is full of friendship. I love everything we do together.”
– Sarah McGhee

Three women on amusement pier enjoying a beautiful day. Ferris Wheel in the background.

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