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Any individual, or their family or advocate, wishing to apply or obtain information about the availability of services should contact our Benefits and Admissions Manager or submit an application or apply en espanol for services.

Admissions decisions are made based on a variety of factors. The applicant and his/her family or advocate are encouraged to call or write periodically to maintain an up‑to‑date application file. Our Program Services Administration regularly updates our waiting list to ensure continued interest and/or changes in the individual’s situation.

Admissions Materials Required

An application is the only document required to apply for services and to be placed on our waiting list. A current medical report, psychological report, social history, dental report and Personal Futures Plan will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee when an individual is being considered for admission. Jubilee is interested in understanding each disability and limitation as well as the applicant’s abilities and interests. Services are designed around the specific strengths, needs, and preferences of the individual.


The majority of individuals served by Jubilee receive funding from the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).  Individuals must apply to DDA to determine eligibility for services.  This process typically takes up to three months. Once a person is determined eligible, DDA may or may not have funding available for services. DDA prioritizes people for services. Individuals and their families may select any DDA-licensed agency to provide these services. The agency, Jubilee in this case, also has to decide if they are able to provide services. If the person selects Jubilee and Jubilee agrees to provide services and DDA determines that the individual is eligible, then Jubilee submits a Service Funding Plan to DDA which is signed by the family, Jubilee, and a Service Coordinator, if one is involved.

To apply for funding, contact the Southern Maryland Regional Office of DDA located at 312 Marshall Avenue, Suite 700, Laurel, MD 20707, or call 301-362-5100.

You can also visit to find useful information including more information about their regional offices.

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