Tiny Jubilee Love Stories

Happy Valentine’s Day from Your Friends at Jubilee

Here at Jubilee, we are celebrating love in all it’s many wonderful forms in honor of Valentine’s Day. This is an opportunity to celebrate all the ways we love and care for each other. Cuddle up and enjoy these Tiny Jubilee Love Stories* to celebrate romance, friendship, and self care.

Michaelis Young and James Caby

“This summer I had a birthday party with my friends and family. It felt so good to be together in person, and there was one person there I was extra happy to see. My boyfriend James. He makes me happy. For my birthday he gave me a bracelet and a keychain. I wear my bracelet every day. The keychain has a heart on it. I put my housekey on it, and I think about James every time I use it.” – Michaelis

Curtis Cooper and Jordan Gould

“Jordan and I live together, and we just enjoy each other’s company. In nice weather, we like to get our bicycles out and go for a ride. I like to go for a long ride down to Sligo Creek in the park. Jordan doesn’t like to go as far as me, so I stay with him and ride back to the house with him before I go on a longer ride. We look out for each other. That’s what best friends do.” – Curtis

Vicky Geiger

“This pandemic has been so hard on all of us, and I realized I need to do something to make me feel better. So, I started writing letters. Real letters on paper with a pen. First, I wrote to grade school friends from my youth in the Philippines who are now spread around the world. And you know what? They wrote me back. They sent photos. They invited me to visit. We made new connections in this tough time. I found out how meaningful a simple letter can be. Next, I’m going to start a letter writing project with the people I support. We’re going to write letters to their family members to let them know how much we care about them. I get so much joy from my letter writing, all for the price of a stamp.” – Vicky

Sarah Glenner and Steve Brent

“Steve and I met in Ocean City on a trip with a group of friends from Jubilee. We went on a walk on the beach, and we talked about our hobbies and our feelings. A friendship began. We were friends for many years, and our group liked to do fun stuff like shopping and dinners out. One day I was at the Jubilee office with my mom, and Steve was there working. All of a sudden our eyes met. There was a spark. We both felt it. That was the moment everything changed. Steve said ‘you are the perfect girl to be my girlfriend.’ Now, we’ve been together for nearly a decade, and it’s so great.” – Sarah 

*Hat tip to the NY Times Tiny Love Stories column.