Learn Culturally Proficient Strategies to Help Underserved Communities Access Disability Services

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Maria* applied for disability services for her daughter, but when a coordinator from the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) called her to schedule an interview at her house Maria declined. In her culture, inviting a stranger to her home felt uncomfortable.

Understanding how cultural differences impact people’s choices can make a difference for people like Maria and her daughter. Maria was willing to move forward with the application process after she learned that the interview did not have to take place in her house.

Cultural proficiency training for disability service agencies can increase understanding of varied cultural norms and expectations. This will help agencies better meet the needs and expectations of people who need our services but may be hesitant to apply because of cultural differences.

Jubilee’s Breaking Barriers program offers cultural proficiency training for agencies. The training focuses on specific strategies agencies can implement to ensure that people seeking services feel welcome, respected, and have clear communication throughout the application process. Through the training we help agencies understand why cultural proficiency is important to disability services and the role of self-reflection, cultural humility, and belonging. Most importantly, the training helps agencies implement changes to improve services based upon cultural needs.

“The Breaking Barriers Cultural Proficiency Training helped us adjust our admissions process to be more culturally conscious about what each person needs to ensure their success throughout the process,” said Reka Daroczi of The Treatment and Learning Centers.

Register here to attend Breaking Barriers’ free cultural proficiency training for disability service providers on November 9 from 10 to 11:30 via zoom.

Additional resource: Coaching Salud Holistica offers information sessions, including a two-day seminar on Latino Cultural Humility Training on August 9-10.

*Last name excluded for privacy