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Please complete the Volunteer Registration Form online, or download and complete the paper version Application and Waiver send them to Monicquea Chance at mchance@jubileemd.org , Jubilee Association of Maryland, 10408 Montgomery Avenue, Kensington, MD 20895. You also may fax it to (301) 949-4628.

Featured Story

Maria Lenahan and Niamh Egan

Volunteers play an important role in Jubilee as they help adults with developmental disabilities to be more included within the community. Focusing on two of our core values, Niamh Egan has been a volunteer in the Friendship Exchange Partnership with Maria Lenahan since January 2015. These two ladies initially were matched to fulfill Maria’s desire to learn to read. Niamh, a speech pathologist, has been guiding Maria in achieving this goal, focused on self-determination.

These two ladies who meet regularly have shared both joys and sorrows with one another, even bonding over the loss of close relatives. In teaching Maria to read, Niamh works often with pictures and includes some of Maria’s interests, such as her love of “I Love Lucy” and Maria’s homeland of Iceland. Maria is also practicing matching letters and sounds, in order to form words.

Niamh has described her volunteer time as a great experience which has taught her quite a lot, especially about what happens when children with developmental disabilities grow up. Niamh came to Jubilee having an extensive background working with children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, but had never worked with adults with the same needs. She looks forward to continuing her friendship with Maria.

Maria works with her volunteer, Niamh, to improve her literacy. In between visits with Niamh, Maria practices reading and spelling using her iPad with her Jubilee staff and other friends. Niamh has incorporated many of Maria’s favorite things into their lessons, including “I Love Lucy” and show tunes. Maria practices reading and writing song lyrics from her favorite songs.

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