Volunteer Success Story – Coming Together to Make a Film

James Billian loves the TV show Dr. Who. He loves it so much that he wrote, directed, and acted in his own fan fiction film!

His friends helped him to make the project a reality. One volunteer was a special partner. Said James’ mom, “Eileen was very patient and helpful to James on his film project. She was able to suggest ideas and changes, while being collaborative and productive.”

James Billian wanted to make a film. He worked with his friends from St. John the Evangelist Parish and the Knights of Columbus on making his Dr. Who Project a reality. James wrote the script, designed and built pieces of the set, and filmed at various locations. His friends, Margie Cuff, Eileen del Valle, and Frank Cavaliere, from St. John’s Parish supported his work, but they allowed James to be creative, to lead, and to own the project. They helped him to learn new techniques, to get props, and to use power tools in making the sets. They shared their knowledge and their labor on the film, while they always worked with and respected James as a colleague, a friend and an equal. His production crew and cast were patient and caring, which allowed James to realize his potential and to bring his film to life.

James’ Dr. Who Project took more than 2 years to finish, but it soon will be available for screenings. The volunteers had a lot of fun in addition to putting in so much time and effort. The best part of the whole film project was seeing James blossom. James got to show his artistic side, his sense of humor, and his leadership qualities. He got to see every part of the filmmaking process and to gain experience in each aspect. He and his friends got the opportunity to act in a film, which few others can claim!

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