Thank you Jubilee donors!
(October 1, 2019 – May 31, 2020)

Thank you to our 272 donors who have given to help continue the work of Jubilee!

Churches and Religious Institutions
Hyattsville Mennonite Church
Religious of the Sacred Heart
St. Francis of Assisi Parish

Everence Foundation Inc.

Businesses and Service Organizations
Darcars Automotive Group
McNamee Hosea Attorney & Advisors
Gal Mesika – DMV Homes
Margie Billian, Soapy Hair, LLC
Blueline Security Services, LLC
Shaffer Wealth Advisors of Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC

Charles and Siobhan Abell
Mr. Larry Abramson and Mrs. Debbie Abramson
Ms. Betsy Adams
Patricia A. Ammendola
Kathryn Anderson
Ms. Patricia Anderson
Benjamin Apt and Alexandra Lord
Priscilla Arenas
Mr. and Mrs. Armistead
Richard Arsenault
Lyda Astrove
Marguerite W. Autry
Mindy and Joseph Badin
Trish Bailey
Joaquin and Maite Ballestero
Alan Banov
Raymond and Vivian Bass
Bonnie Baugh and Neil Ellis
Joan A. Beach
Barbara Beadles
Steve Bell
Antonio and Maria Teresa Benedi
Edgar and Beverly Benner
Cathy Bernard
Luis and Theresa Blandon
Mayola Bradford
Shirley Brandman and Howard Shapiro
Robert L. and Myra B. Brent
Mr. Mark E. Brodsky
Kathryn P. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown, Jr.
Crissie Bulkwalter
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Bussard
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Butler
Kathy A. Byars
Linda Mericle
Margaret Campbell
Tom Carney and Janet Copeland
Janice E. Caro
Frank Cavaliere
Matt and Kathy Cerroni
Ms. Megan Cho
Jared Ciner
Asha Clark
Janessa Cobb and David Deal
Bill and Pat Coffin
Mr. Jeffrey Jorge Cohen
James Nathan Cole
David P. Conrad and Kaye Brubaker
Bethany Coomes
James K. and Cynthia C. Cudjoe
Joe and Ruth Dalton
Mrs. Jane Dana
Dr. and Mrs. David N. Danforth
Penny Dash
Helen De Roo
Mr. and Mrs. E. Debevoise, II
Natalie DeVol
Thomas Dodegge
Jim and Barbara Dryden
Dr. Elizabeth M. Dugan and Dr. Daniel Rotrosen
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Einbinder
William M. and Elizabeth M. Ellis
Norman and Judy Elrod
Ms. Juli Feissner
Gerald and Jean Feuer
Justin Fidler
Richard and Joan Fidler
Marc Fiedler
Mr. Christopher Flaherty
Thomas and Margaret Fleming
Su Flickinger
Anthony T. Forleh
Martha Forlenza
Eileen Foster
Dr. Bruce Fowler
Stefania Francis
Rita Frank
Mr. Gordon Frederick and Mrs. Barbara Frederick
Sara Fretz-Goering and Peter L. Goering
Carol S. Fried
Gary Fried
Priscilla Friesen
Nancy Gehman
Linda Gerson-Glantz
Cheryl Geske
Sahra Ginsburg
Joseph Glass
Betty Good-White and Don White
Meryl and John Goodman
James R. and Nancy Wiens Graf
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Gramlich
Ruth B. Gramlich
Janeice Green
Marshall Grigsby
Amy Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Guill
Terry Gyi
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Hagan
Kathy Hargett
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Harp
Alice Hashim
Sue Hawkins
Ms. Theresa Hiatt
Henry K. and Nancy R. Higgins
Rhonda Cunningham Holmes
Kenneth and Eileen Hornbostel
Dr. Sari Hornstein and Alex Lightfoot
Tammie Howard
Abbey Howell
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hoxworth
Anne Hughes
Catherine Hunter
George and P. Johnson
Joe L. and Carrie M. Johnson
Jenee Kakihara
James and Winnie Kao
Glen E. Kauffman
Bethany and Steve Keener
Jean Keener and Mark Lessor
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keener
Allyn Kilsheimer
Ed Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Kokolios
Phillip and Anne Koven
Mr. David Kraybill

Individuals cont.
Robert and Lori Krolikowski
Richard N. and Mary Ann Krumenacker
Joanne Kyros
Pam Lacey
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Lambert
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Lang
Lorie Peters Lauthier
Genevieve Leary
Kevin Leary
Hon. and Mrs. Isiah Leggett
Karen E. Lehman
Mrs. Marie Louise Lerch
Hon. and Mrs. Richard A. Levie
Gail Lieberman
Donald Lyman
John P. and Carolyn K. Lyman
Richard and Karen Lyman
Stephen J. and Kathleen B. Lyman
Arnold R. and Judith Mahachek
Ms. Eunice Mahler
Vicki and Patrick Malone
Dean Mann, MD and Petra Lenz, MD
Peter C. and Gail Troussoff Marks
Mr. Chris Maslanka
Jeff Mathew
Mr. John McCormack
Julia McCune
Elizabeth and Bill McElfish
Richard and Robin McEntire
Ms. Catherine McGhee
Janet McGhee
John C. and Nancy N. McHugh
Rita and William McLaughlin
Frank Mentzer
Kevin Merida and Donna Britt
Pat Mischou
Andrew R. Mitz
Ms. Blanca Miyashito
Beth Mizuno
Carl and Marilyn Morehouse
Rev. and Mrs. David Morrell
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Morrison
Kate Moss
The John, Julee, Tyler and Honorine Munson Family
Alex Naula
Kristin O’Connell
Lt. Colonel and Mrs. Timothy O’Connell
William and Roni O’Connell
Dr. and Mrs. Donald A. O’Kieffe
Carolee and Howard Ogburn
Krista Ogburn
Judy Ordona
Trudy Orgel
Dr. Edward and Mary Ott
Fredric W. Parsons, CPA
Janet Peachey
David Peal
Ethel S. Peal
Vicki Pendleton
Sara Person
Karrie Peterson
Christine Picaut
Patricia S. Pillsbury
Marge Poling
Dr. Cynthia L. Post
Jerrold and Carolyn Post
Laurie Pross
Elizabeth Stern Purcell
Tom and Liz Purcell
Mr. Glenn Reichardt
Joseph Reiff
Mrs. Diane Richardson
Joseph Richardson and Kay Hoch
Johnna S. Robinson
Cynthia M. Roldan and Lance S. Bendit
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Rosenthal
Deena Godshall Roth
Sandra Rouse, R.N.
Mr. James H. Rowe, III and Ms. Lisa S. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ruch, Jr.
Mark and Mariam Ruminski
Curtis Ruppert and Donna Crouse
Penny Russell
Saikiru Salami
Rolando Santiago and Raquel Trinidad
Marge and Bill Schinnerer
Morton Schomer
Valerie Jayne Schrock
Joan Schupp
Ms. Marlene S. Shaul
Melissa Siegel
Jason P. Sigler
Joel Sigler
Carrie Simkus
Paul Smith
Lila Snow
Eleanor Sorbello
Arne and Ruth Sorenson
Suzanne Spaniol
Joseph F. Spaniol, Jr.
Tom and Susan St. Maxens
Janice C. Starr
Jeanette Stoltzfus and Wyatt Feeler
Eric Stolzfus and Cynthia Lapp
Kenton and Amy Swartz
John Symons
Suzette Tanen
Donald Truitt
Janet Tupper
Patricia A. Tyson
Christopher and Kristen Ullman
Craig and Kathy Ulman
Mr. Michael Ulman
Karen M. VanDuser
Penny Veerhoff
Robert D. and Christine M. Vocke
Detta Voesar
Robert and Althea Wallace
James and Ruth Walters
Lori Wasserman/Lorelei Judaic Designs
Carl R. Weigle
Carol Weiss
Thomas F. Welch, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Cole Werble
Ann C. West
Angela Wiens
Mary Jo Schumacher and Tim Wiens
Beatrice Winter
Janet Wisniewski
Joseph Wybierala
Liz and Jesse Yoder
Barbara Young
Lori Zehr
Mary Zehr
Kathleen L. Zimmerlin de Paz and Arnaldo J. Paz
Timothy A. Zimmerlin
Earl S. and Ruth Ann Zimmerman
Dr. Robert W. Zimmermann
Judy-Ann and Toni Zoghby