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John Munson, President  – John Munson is the father of Tyler Munson, a Jubilee Association of Maryland client for four years. John and his wife, Julee, and daughter, Honorine, are time-tested advocates for all persons with disabilities.  John has served on several advisory boards, Maryland city and county commissions, as well as several private, nonproft boards of directors. Mr. Munson’s most recent board memberships include the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, and CHI Centers. Previously, John served as a parent advocate with the Jewish Foundation for Group Homes and the Jewish Social Services Agency. In addition, Mr. Munson has directly advocated with elected officials and agency leadership, and, on occasion, testified on behalf of the disability community to the MCPS School Board, County Council and several Maryland General Assembly hearings.

Kathy Ulman, Vice President – is a member of the Jubilee Foundation Board’s Executive Committee, has served on Jubilee’s Roast Planning Committee from 2013-17, and most recently helped plan Jubilee’s 40th Anniversary Gala in May 2018. Wearing a different volunteer hat, Kathy is a dedicated 15-year member of the Washington National Cathedral’s Flower Guild.

Before retirement, Kathy’s career was in public and media relations in both the Federal government and private sector.

Benjamin Apt – Secretary joined the Jubilee Foundation Board in FY17. He is also a volunteer with Jubilee. Ben lives with his wife in Washington, D.C. and currently works at the U.S. Department of Labor on employee benefits protection.

Chris Urban, Treasurer – Chris Urban is Senior Manager for the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan in Rockville. In this role, he fosters relationships with key community leaders to improve Kaiser’s positioning and relevance in public and commercial sector accounts. He has a Master’s degree from George Mason University in Public Policy with a focus on global public health policy. Chris has been Jubilee liaison with Kaiser to secure their top level sponsorship of our last three Roasts.
Maite Ballestero – Maite is the Executive Vice President, Programs and Administration, at the Center for Excellence in Education. She served as the President of the Jubilee Association of Maryland’s Board of Directors from 2009-2015. She has been a member of the Jubilee Foundation Board since 2015.

Margie Billian – is the Sole Proprietor of The Studio of Colour and Design by Margie Billian. She is a member of the Women Business Owners of Montgomery County. She served on the Roast Planning Committee for the past four years. She is the mother of James, who receives services from Jubilee.

Steve Brent, Client Council Representative – is the Receptionist at Jubilee Association of Maryland.

John Darvish – is President and CEO of DARCARS Automotive Group. He attended Valerie Ervin’s Roast and met Curtis Cooper and has been a strong supporter of Jubilee ever since. He has funded our staff awards lunch, held a birthday party for Curtis, made the “ask” at this year’s Roast and has been a Roast sponsor of the last five Roasts. John and his family are very committed to what Jubilee is about.

Joan Fidler – retired from the US Government serving the last 11 years as a member of the Senior Executive Service at the Environmental Protection Agency in its Office of International Affairs.  She has a B.A from Osmania University in Hyderabad, and a M.A from Panjab University in Chandigarh, both in India. She also has a master’s in public administration from The American University in Washington, DC. Joan Fidler and her husband, Bethesda residents of 40+ years, have three sons who live in the Washington area, one of whom lives in a Jubilee residence.

Terry Gyi – is the widow of Dr. Felix Gyi who served as a member of the Jubilee Association of Maryland Board of Directors. Terry lives in Ellicott City is committed to Jubilee’s mission and is willing to serve as a member of the Jubilee Foundation Board of Directors. She is a graduate of the University Of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

Gal Mesika grew up in Montgomery County and graduated from the University of Maryland College Park. Gal has served his community for over 15 years and prides himself on building and maintaining long term relationships based on honesty, integrity and exceptional service and performance. Gal is licensed in DC, MD and VA.

Carolyn Post – is the parent of Kirsten, who receives services from Jubilee. She also serves on the Board of the Aid Association for the Blind.

Graciela Sanz was a member of the Jubilee Association board for nine years. In addition to fulfilling all of the normal duties of being a board member, Graciela contributed in many other ways. She served on the Model Housing Partnership Committee finding new ways to create housing opportunities for the people Jubilee served. She has served on the Jubilee Roast Committee and helped Jubilee raise lots of money. Graciela organized a Jubilee trip to Cuba for fellow board members to visit programs for persons with intellectual disabilities, to learn from them and to find ways to support them. And most of all Graciela has been a tireless advocate for her son Tico, who receives services from Jubilee.

Paul Sexton – is a financial advisor with Edward Jones Inc., with an office in Kensington. He is a former member of the Kensington Town Council, on the Board of the Kensington/Wheaton Chamber of Commerce and on the Good Counsel Alumni Committee. He has served on the Jubilee Roast advisory Committee for the past three years.

Detta Voesar – is Vice President of Susan I. Wranik Associates. The firm specializes in communication skills training. Previously, she directed commercial banking policy at FDIC. During her tenure there she conceived of, and helped to implement, the establishment of the International Association of Deposit Insurers based in Basel, Switzerland. Detta is a member of The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce, eWomen Network, GROWS, and DCSRG. She lives here in Kensington. Detta also serves on the board of the Kensington Historical Society. She has served for five years on the Roast Planning Committee and has been responsible for selling all the ad space in the program book. Detta enjoys travel, performing arts, and reading. Her proudest moment is the re-establishment of Estonian independence.

Robert Zimmermann, M.D. – is a parent of Lisa, who receives services from Jubilee.

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