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Information for Families

Inside Talk is a monthly newsletter for staff, individuals served by Jubilee, and their families. We encourage people to send us their email addresses to receive the monthly newsletter electronically to help us save on paper and postage. Please contact Niaya Wade to add you to the email list.

Click here to view past issues of Inside Talk.

Click here for a helpful article on Social Security Disabilities benefits, written by Molly Clarke, writer for the Social Security Disability Help Blog.

DDA will be sharing updates on changes to proposals for the Community Pathways Waiver renewal during regional public information sessions. To learn more about what will be presented and to register for attendance, click HERE.

Learn about Maryland ABLE savings accounts.

Connect to Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) website


Read the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council Annual Report for 2016 HERE.


Read Jubilee’s Family Handbook online. If you require a hard copy, please contact Melissa Rusnak at to request one.

Parent Groups for Families Supporting Children With Disabilities Information

Information on Down syndrome and dementia FACT SHEET

The Alzheimer’s Association has a section on Down syndrome and dementia, here: