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Let’s Reminisce!


Delegate Sheila Hixson presenting Tim Wiens with a Citation from The Maryland General Assembly

On January 27, 1978 the first residents moved into Jubilee’s first home, Sandy Ridge Road. On January 27, 2018, exactly 40 years later, individuals, staff, board members, elected officials, and guests gathered to celebrate and reminisce about the past 40 years of Jubilee. The celebration began with guests enjoying light refreshments. Executive Director Tim Wiens welcomed everyone and professional whistler Chris Ullman whistled happy birthday to Jubilee. Later Tim introduced guests who have played a part in Jubilee’s history and some guests shared their Jubilee story. Guests such as Delegate Sheila Hixson, who was Jubilee’s first roastee, has supported Jubilee for decades. She presented Tim Wiens with an Official Citation from The Maryland General Assembly for 40 years of serving the developmentally disabled community. Marcia Mathias Wilson and Marilyn Mathias, sisters of the late Mark Mathias and former Sandy Ridge resident were in attendance. Marcia and Marilyn spoke about the disapproval from the neighbors who didn’t want a group home for the developmentally disabled in the neighborhood. They shared how Mark was able to do things that others didn’t think was possible such as getting his own job. Laura Jean Kuster who was once a resident at Sandy Ridge expressed her appreciation for the care provided by Jubilee over the years and was quite the commentator throughout the event.


Edna and Henry Brunk with Tim Wiens

Henry and Edna Brunk who were instrumental in starting Jubilee also shared stories. At a time when institutions for the developmentally disabled were not providing the best care, Henry and Edna stepped up. Henry served on Jubilee’s board while Edna helped open Sandy Ridge. Natalie DeVol also shared her family’s story. Her brother, the late Joe LaCrosse, moved into the home soon after Sandy Ridge opened. Her family found Jubilee after her parents passed away.

Natalie DeVol and Tim Wiens

Natalie was proud to say that after joining Jubilee Joe blossomed! Brian Lyman, who was in attendance moved into Sandy Ridge the same time as Joe and Brian still lives at Sandy Ridge. The Lyman family played an important part in Jubilee, and served on Jubilee’s Foundation Board. Don Lyman, his sister Nancy Ensor, and her husband Dave Ensor were among the guests at Sandy Ridge. The event concluded with individuals praising Jubilee and expressing gratitude for 40 years of service. We are looking forward to 40 more years. Happy Birthday Jubilee!