Meet Our Family

Meet Our Family

Friendship and community make Jubilee a special place!

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Brian Lyman

Brian Lyman

Jason Howlin

Jason Howlin Art Project

Enrique Bryce

Davin Golder

Davin Golder with choir

Max Poznerzon

Max Pozernzon

Olalekan (Sho) Shobowale

Four men outdoors

Kirsten Davidson

Woman standing outside wearing Jubilee t-shirt

Melissa Cory

Melissa Cory

Joyce Sampson and Molly Corti

Molly Corti and Joyce Sampson

Ben Apt and Steve Brent

Margaret Welch

Margaret Welch

Eli Lewis

James and Margie Billian

Candace Talley

Elaine Carney

Elaine Carney with Robin Roberts

The Pellegrino Family

Brandon Bell

David Mahler

Mary Amoji-Ogar

Stanley and Debbie Roth

The MaryKnights and Knights of Columbus, Fr. Rosensteel Council