Residential Support Services

Jubilee provides the highest quality residential support services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We support people where they want to live. Jubilee is known for its “family feel” thanks to the caring relationships formed between our professional staff, the people we support, and their families.

Services range from a few hours a week to help with bills and shopping to round-the-clock support. Our residential support services are:

  • Personal Supports – 1:1 support services for people living in their own home or family home, up to 82 hours per week.
  • Supported Living – shared or 1:1 support services for people in their own home where they are the leaseholder (without family present). Typically 6 or more hours a day, up to 24 hours.
  • Community Living Group Home – shared or 1:1 support services for people in a home that is owned by Jubilee. Typically 6 or more hours a day, up to 24 hours.

Our direct support professionals receive training above and beyond state requirements. Retention rates among staff who participate in our advanced training program is a sky-high 91 percent.

Jubilee considers the specific strengths, needs and preferences of each person we support, and values their input. This allows us to provide appropriate services and make staff matches that last based on shared interests and personalities. Everyone Jubilee supports participates in an annual person-centered plan to identify and achieve their goals for the year ahead.

Two women stand in the doorway to an apartment home. 
Moninuola Ozoemena left and Tracy Cubas right.