Our Story

Jubilee’s support helps adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Montgomery County, Maryland live their best lives! Since our founding in 1978, Jubilee fosters inclusive and fulfilling lives for the people we support. With more than four decades of experience, today more than 180 adults count on Jubilee for residential and housing support services that promote independence, secure housing, and connect friends.


Jubilee Association of Maryland provides opportunities and support for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live in and enrich their community while fulfilling their personal, family, social, and spiritual needs.

Our work is based on the dignity and worth of all people and their right to pursue happiness as full, respected members of our society. Jubilee is a faith-based organization. Our core values are based on the belief that the created universe is good, that all people are created in God’s image, and that all people are empowered.

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Inclusion and Belonging

Jubilee is a human rights organization, born of a vision for the liberation and inclusion of people with disabilities. We welcome and respect the different abilities, races, backgrounds, identities, orientations, and faiths of the members of the Jubilee community. Social, racial, and economic justice are integral to our work building a more inclusive future for all.

Core values

Respect and Human Dignity: We recognize the basic humanity of all people and treat them equally and with the utmost respect, regardless of their level of ability or role in relationship to the organization.

Self-Determination: All people have the right to control their lives and resources.

Community, Mutuality, & Service: Staff and board work together, to promote an ideal of service and open communication so Jubilee can create a sense of community both within and outside the agency to enhance the lives of those we support.

Justice: We advocate for justice with and on behalf of the people we support and we are committed to serving and employing people of diverse cultures, races, religions, and economic circumstances.

Ethical Practices: Jubilee operates with integrity, insists on quality and clear financial oversight, and bases its actions on open discussion.

Spiritual Care: Jubilee actively supports the spiritual needs of the people we support and the people we employ.

Licensing & Professional Memberships

Jubilee is a:


Jubilee has been an industry pioneer since its founding in 1978 by the Hyattsville Mennonite Church. From the beginning, Jubilee focused on inclusion. The aim was to move people out of institutions and into homes where they could be a part of the community. Innovation in housing has been a Jubilee hallmark since opening our first group home in 1978 as an alternative to state run institutions. In 2007, Jubilee stopped purchasing group homes to prioritize supporting people where they want to live. In fact, Jubilee was one of the first agencies in Maryland to support adults with disabilities in their own homes. For its first four decades of growth, Tim Wiens served as Jubilee’s Executive Director. Steve Keener now leads Jubilee into a future of even greater inclusion for the people we support.

Original Jubilee Residence
Jubilee’s first group home opened its doors in 1978 and is still in operation today!