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Our volunteers are a vital part of the Jubilee family. We’d love to have you join us! Be prepared to receive as much as you give.

Finding Friendship Through Volunteering

As shared by Ben Apt. Featured right to left in photo with Steve Brent.

I was looking to do something meaningful when I moved to D.C. after law school. A friend connected me with Jubilee about volunteer opportunities. It was a natural fit for me. My first job out of college was at a group home for men with developmental disabilities, and I’d stayed active in the community, volunteering with the Massachusetts Human Rights Board.

Jubilee told me they might have a good opportunity for me to connect with someone who shared my love of the outdoors. That’s how I met Steve. I liked that they worked to make a match they thought would last. And they were right.

Steve and I have been in each other’s lives for more than a decade now. Our friendship grew naturally as we went on bike rides, to the county fair, and bowling. The D.C. auto show and horse show are annual highlights for us.

At this point, our families know each other, and Steve’s parents and siblings are so welcoming to me and my wife. When I first met Steve’s parents, they said to me, ‘you seem like a person who is going to stick.’ And I guess I’ve stuck.

The most moving part of our relationship for me is the long phone calls we have. Especially during the pandemic, they were a lifeline. We talk about everything. Worries, achievements, and everything in between. It’s been a real joy seeing Steve grow and mature in his personal and professional relationships over the years.

It’s my privilege to be his friend.

Learn more about the Circle of Friends program, and how your friendship can make a difference to a person supported by Jubilee. Contact Britni Rose at brose@jubileemd.org.

Help make the world a more welcoming and inclusive place by volunteering with Jubilee. You can make a difference in a person’s life simply by being their friend. Opportunities include:

  • Join Circle of Friends. Members build lasting relationships with the people we support that are mutually transformative.  As a member, you might share a meal, attend community events together, celebrate birthdays, watch or play sports, or help out with home projects. Matches may be made based on shared hobbies and interests, existing relationships such as friends of friends, and even geography among neighbors.
  • Volunteer your time at the Jubilee office. Our administrative team welcomes extra hands. Let us know if you have a special interest that might help our office staff.
  • Volunteer to assist at a special event. Are you a high school student in need of SSL hours? A busy adult who wants to give back but has limited time? Special event, time-limited volunteering with Jubilee may be just the right fit for you. 

Contact Britni Rose, Jubilee’s Circle of Friends Manager, at brose@jubileemd.org to learn more about volunteer opportunities with Jubilee.