Celebrating 2023 Employee Award Winners

2023 Event Sparkled with Joy

What a thrill being with our colleagues for the 2023 Employee Award Celebration! For the first time since 2019, we gathered in-person for the awards ceremony and celebration of staff who give their all to ensure that the people we support live their best lives.

“We are here today to celebrate the people who help us achieve our dreams,” said Matt Starr. The event kicked off with a big Jubilee welcome from Executive Director Steve Keener.

Employees won awards in both individual and team categories. Community members who made outstanding contributions as volunteers, physicians, and neighbors also received awards.

In presenting the Family Partnership Award, Jubilee’s Director of Human Resources Krista Ogburn shared that “this award is so important because our staff are nominated for this award by the families of the people we support. It shows we have their trust.”

People came dressed to impress, adding extra sparkle and shine to the celebration, held at Pinstripes in Rockville. Attendees were treated to a delicious lunch thanks to our friends at DARCARS Automotive Group. In addition to the award presentation and luncheon, employees were entered into a raffle for prizes including a big screen TV! Thank you to our sponsors James, Margie and Mitch Billian, Kensington Natural Smiles, Lafayette Federal Credit Union, Nesfield Performance, Pink Dot Styles, and Tumbleweed Rustic.

Congratulations to all our winners and nominees! More than 100 people were nominated for awards, and the full list of 2023 Employee Award Winners winners is below.

Building Natural Supports Award

Suzie Beleck

Billor Noukeu

Exceptional Customer Service Award     

Travon Budd

Family Partnership Award          

Marilyn McCain

Elmer Billedo

Garner McLean

Eleonore Nkamsu Yappi

Romuald Houmi

Janeice Green

Olubukola Folaranmi

Ideal Team Player Award            

Kathy Ford

Fashola Adedayo

Frank Boakye

Jainaba Quistfye

Respect and Human Dignity Award      

Haddijatou Hydara

Keekee Devine

Catherine Mallong

Nnedi Oguayo

Community Partnership Award

Dr.  Greenberg

Mary Moore

Pat Coffin

Rhonda Vann

Susan Thompson

Dr. Robert Zimmerman

Volunteer Award            

Ben Collins

Curtis Cooper

Pat Mischou

Liz Purcell

Diane Richardson

Joseph Mitz

Rose Hacking

Exceptional Performance Award              

Abdulai Mansaray

Cory Cabot

Rokhaya Dieng

Saturday Nnam

Augusta Lawanson

Helen Okoye

Katherine Hatwell

Mary Renderos

Amanda Gibson

Hannah Sesay

Angel Kapinga

Loveth Chikezie

Nana Anane

Nina Kenmongne

Thomas Nyabwa

Spiritual Care Award                    

Team Divine

Wellbeing Award            

Human Resources Department