Client Council Election Results

Kudos to All Candidates

Congratulations to the new leaders of Jubilee’s Client Council and Activity Planning Committee! The results are in after a vigorous campaign season. Kudos to all who participated in the process as candidates and voters. Jubilee’s new Client Council President Elaine Carney said in her acceptance speech that “I will be an advocate for all people with disabilities.”

Incoming Client Council vice president Katherine O’Connell said “I want to have a more inclusive Maryland. I am very passionate about my autism because I’ve struggled like other people have. I know I am not alone; the disability community is not alone.”

We are grateful for the accomplishments and leadership of the outgoing Client Council Officers Ben Collins, Steve Brent, Matt Starr, and Lauren Einbinder. Every person supported by Jubilee is invited to join us at the January Client Council Meeting on Monday, January 29, 2024 (location TBD). We will celebrate the work of the current officers and welcome in the new Client Council.

Client Council Officers:

  • President: Elaine Carney
  • Vice-President: Katherine (Kitty) O’Connell
  • Secretary: Sarah Glenner
  • Activities Officer: Lauren Einbinder

Activity Planning Committee:

  • Dave McCormack
  • Debbie Lim
  • Kirsten Davidson
  • Sarah McGhee
  • Steve Brent
  • Susan Murray