Self-Care Resources

Caring for Yourself in a Difficult Time

How to take care of our mental and emotional health — as we have all experienced trauma during the pandemic — were key take-aways from Jubilee’s self-care seminars.

The seminars, which were free and open to everyone in the Jubilee community, brought together staff and people we support in a caring environment. Participants gave voice to the grief, loss, and frustration the pandemic has brought. Most promisingly, the session highlighted the hope of recovery and renewal that a self-care practice promises. 

The Tiny Trauma Survival Guide, and its ideas on how to take care of yourself during a traumatic time, were discussed during the seminar. It’s important to carve out time for these self-care practices when you are feeling well, so that they are habits you can rely on in more challenging times.

The discussions were woven together with a series of guided meditations that used sea glass, which was provided to everyone who pre-registered. Sea glass is formed out of immense trauma and easily overlooked on a walk on the beach, but is nonetheless beautiful, precious, and strong.

Self-care resources, including free resources such as the 7 Cups website, and ideas to begin meditation and gratitude journaling were shared.

Jubilee also offers mental health resources for employees including an Employee Assistance Program, and Teladoc for employees on Jubilee’s health insurance plan. For more information on employee resources, please contact Rose Mudd in human resources.