What Justice Means at Jubilee

Our commitment and work to create a more just and equal environment for all continues. In May, Jubilee hosted seminars on our core value of justice, and our management team participated in anti-racism training hosted by Roots of Justice. During our seminars on Jubilee’s core value of justice, our community had an opportunity to learn more about:

  • issues surrounding guardianship and self-determination for people with disabilities,
  • Jubilee’s newly expanded effort to help underserved populations access DDA services,
  • the ongoing work of Jubilee’s Racial Justice Advisory Group (RJAG). 

After the discussion surrounding guardianship and self-determination, Sarah Glenner shared that “I always keep this in my heart. I am in control. I make the decisions. No one should ever take that away from me.” 

The common thread through all of our sessions is that justice is intersectional. There is no justice for some of us – there is only justice for all of us.