Jubilee Launches New Program Services Leadership Position

Ensuring High Quality Services with Increased Support for Frontline Staff

As Jubilee continues to grow, we are envisioning new ways to sustain our positive work culture and ensure high-quality services for the people Jubilee serves. Today, we’re announcing a new role, Service Team Lead, to better support our frontline direct support professionals (DSPs) in their roles helping adults with disabilities live independently and fulfill their life goals. The Service Team Lead is a new, central role in our program services department, and each Service Team Lead will manage a team of six to ten DSPs who provide daily residential services to up to four adults with disabilities.

As we roll out this new leadership position at Jubilee mid-February, our first 13 Service Team Leads (names below) were selected based on their performance as direct support professionals and readiness for leadership. Your Program Manager will contact you directly if one of these Service Team Leads is assigned to your team.

Congratulations to:

  • Olasumbo Ogunmola
  • Hannah Sesay
  • Felicia Myers
  • Eric Grillo
  • James Kivembele
  • Sheaneathea Perkins
  • Moninuola Ozoemena
  • Onika Lloyd
  • Rashidat Sanni-Ewunmi
  • Shakirat Kaka Ojooniyun
  • Odunayo Obalanlege
  • Donna Edwards
  • Adefolami Odusanya