Love and Friendship Sparkle at Jubilee’s Valentine’s Day Prom

Davin Golder waited on pins and needles for Melissa Cory to arrive at Jubilee’s Valentine’s Day Prom. When she walked in the door in a showstopping red gown, his jaw hit the floor. “Wow, Melissa looks gorgeous,” he whispered to his friends. Melissa got a surprise of her own when Davin gifted her a Valentine’s Day teddy bear. The two proceeded to dance the night away! Scenes of love and friendship unfolded throughout the night as friends and couples spent time together at the party.

Jubilee’s Valentine’s Day dance is an annual highlight of Jubilee’s social calendar, and it’s made possible by donors like you who support Jubilee’s programs. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to make this a very special night for the Jubilee community.