Enrique Bryce

Enrique connected with Jubilee through our Breaking Barriers program, which works to expand access to disability services to Hispanic and Asian communities.  Enrique’s mom, Blanca Maldonado, has struggled over the years to access needed support for him. 

“Since Enrique began with Jubilee, he has been able to have a more active life after work. He goes to the gym to swim and exercise, visits the dog park because he loves dogs, and enjoys spending time at the local bookstore with his support staff.  Now that we’re with Jubilee, Enrique is really active, which he loves. He has work, then he has his personal supports staff from Jubilee to do activities in the afternoon and evening such as dinner out with his Jubilee friends like Javi,” said Blanca.

“It’s really exciting to see people who may not have otherwise accessed disability services begin to use them to live independently,” said Lisa Lorraine, Jubilee’s Breaking Barriers manager. 

Photo: Enrique (left) out with friend Javi Requejo