New Years Greetings

By Steve Keener, Jubilee Executive Director

As we ring in 2024, I wish you a new year filled with community that brings you joy, purpose, and belonging. I’m honored to lead an organization that truly sees and values each person.

I’m a fan of small resolutions throughout the year. I know I’ve been guilty of making one big New Years resolution that starts off strong, and then by March seem to fizzle out. For the year ahead, here at Jubilee we’re going to be introducing new ways throughout the year to help us all be truly present in our work. We’re going to build on what we’ve accomplished to really listen to what people want so we can make a meaningful impact in their lives.

In 2023 we made great strides in this effort. For example, our annual summer vacation is the highlight of the year for many people Jubilee supports. This year, people told us it was time to expand our horizons. We listened, and planned vacations to Ocean City, Williamsburg, and Atlantic City. We’re also listening and taking action to help people live where they want to. Jubilee’s Housing Support Services now employs three full-time staff members to help people navigate the complex housing system. More than 160 people like Linda Hanna, have now benefitted from Jubilee’s new housing service.

Thank you for being part of our Jubilee community. I look forward to what we’ll accomplish together this year.